3 Ways to Make Your Book Discoverable

text illustrating 3 ways to make your book discoverable

As you write your book or make plans to, keep in mind that you’ll be more satisfied with getting your book written and published if you attract readers who will buy your book. Thinking about marketing should start early on in your process. Here are 3 ways to make your book discoverable so you can get sales when your book is launched.

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The Determined Patient book

Recently, my clients Robert Danziger and Mary Gellens, two physicians, saw their book The Determined Patient published. Here are some insights you can glean from their experience conceptualizing, writing, and publishing a book (with my help—I am the coauthor). Refine Your Idea Guided by Comparable Books The Determined Patient: How to Be a Powerful Self-Advocate and Take…

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The elements of a book proposal all have to be included in what is a marketing piece that will convince the recipient that your book is marketable. You will need a book proposal even if you have the entire book written. To write a book proposal, start with an overview describing the book, why it fills a…

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Hoping to get your book published? You may need to hire a freelance editor to help you achieve your goal. There are two types of freelance editors, and each has different credentials and skills. If you are wondering, “What type of freelance editor do I need?” read on.
First, recognize that if you get a book deal with a traditional publisher, your editor will do a moderate to minimal amount of editing of your completed manuscript. You don’t have to worry too much about copyediting, also known as light line editing, because the publisher will have in-house or freelance copyeditors who do that work.

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The comparative books list is a crucial element in a successful book proposal. It is your best tool for convincing an agent or an in-house acquisitions editor that your book will stand out in the marketplace and add something new while appealing to an established book-buying audience. How do I know this? Because when I was an in-house editorial assistant at HarperCollins Publishers many years ago, it was my job to check out the comparative books lists in book proposals my boss was considering to see if there was any way to strengthen them, which would make it easier for us to convince the rest of the book publishing team that the book would make money for us and be right for our list. I know how to create a comparative books list that will get you a book deal because I’ve done it many times.

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Your Book as a Credibility Card That Builds Your Brand

expert word highlighted defined illustrating concept of your book as a credibility card that establishes your brand and demonstrates your expertise

Are you trying to establish your brand as distinct from others? A book written by you can serve as a credibility card for your expertise in your field of interest. Branding yourself with a book can help set you apart from experts that do similar work. It gives you a chance to show people what’s different about you, your message, and your methods.

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Cinematherapy Can Soothe the Soul in Troubled Times

Cinematherapy is self-care; Cinematherapy can soothe the soul in troubled times.

Cinematherapy is self-care: It’s choosing watching movies that match your mood soothe the soul in troubled times, make you laugh or make you cry, and cure a Bad Hair Day, too. My new article in Spirituality & Health magazine offers some suggestions for Cinematherapy movies and streaming series, and you’ll find more recommendations at MyCinematherapy.…

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Write a Transformational Nonfiction Book That Solves an Urgent Problem

transformational nonfiction book that solves an urgent problem: the elements

Why should someone buy your transformational nonfiction book? Because you’re going to solve an urgent problem of theirs. Back when I was an in-house editor at G. P. Putnam’s Sons and HarperCollins, I used to evaluate book proposals (selling tools used to try to get editors like me to give authors book deals). . . .When you write a transformational nonfiction book that solves an urgent problem for readers, you’re promising readers information and strategies.

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