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Nancy Peske

“Nancy Peske is an extraordinary developmental editor. She understood my work with such depth and clarity and was able to deftly challenge me on my ideas. Because of her, I feel that I have a book that not only am I immensely proud of but will be still in years to come. I highly recommend her!”

—Colette Baron-Reid, author of The Map and Uncharted


“Nancy Peske brought life to my vision through her exceptional writing and insight as a person.”

—Debbie Magids, PhD, relationship expert and co-author of All the Good Ones Aren’t Taken

Nancy Peske

“Nancy Peske’s writing and editing talents are absolutely unmatched: simply put, she turns words into gold. I would go to no one else for professional writing and editing advice.”

—Carmen Harra, author of The Eleven Eternal Principles and Wholeliness

Nancy Peske

“I owe my gratitude and thanks to my editor, Nancy Peske, for her inspired hand and faultless pen. She has been a beacon of light in the difficult process of putting these ancient ideas to paper.”

—Alberto Villoldo, PhD, author of Grow a New Body; The Four Insights; Yoga, Power, and Spirit; Courageous Dreaming; Mending the Past and Healing the Future with Soul Retrieval; One Spirit Medicine; and coauthor (with David Perlmutter, MD) of Power Up Your Brain

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“Without (her) editorial insight and energy this book would have been longer, later, and nowhere near as good.”

—Ashton Applewhite, author of Cutting Loose and This Chair Rocks

Nancy Peske

“I have known I had a book to write for over six years. Only after I had connected with Nancy was she able to guide, assist, and pull the book out of me. Within several months, I had a completed manuscript, edited and accepted by a publisher!”

—Steven Heird, MD, FACS, author of To Hell and Back

Nancy Peske

“It was such a rewarding experience working with Nancy. All of her suggested edits (even the ones I didn’t use!) were excellent, and I always felt I was in experienced, capable, and professional hands. Nancy’s platform suggestions are invaluable! It’s exciting as I move forward, and I have to say I owe a lot of that excitement to Nancy!”

—Pamela Turley, author of The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Men

Nancy Peske

“I’m completely awed by her exceptional talent and deeply grateful for her dedication. Nancy is an exceptionally gifted woman.”

—Peggy McColl, author of the New York Times bestseller Your Destiny Switch, 21 Distinctions of Wealth, The Won Thing and Viral Explosions!

Nancy Peske

“This book could not have been written without the invaluable gifts of Nancy Peske, whose talents and perspective have helped me to bridge the worlds of the magical and the mainstream. It is a service that only history can reward sufficiently, but she has my deepest respect and gratitude.”

—Phyllis Curott, author of Witch Crafting, Book of Shadows, and Love Spell

Nancy Peske

“Developmental editor Nancy Peske is a master at weaving with words.”

–Karin Volo, author of the bestseller 1,352 Days

Nancy Peske

“Nancy is an excellent writer, editor, collaborator, efficient, and creative—and one of the best in the field of writing and publication. A joy to work with, most creative, personable, and gets the job done with joy and ease. Wonderful! Highest of recommendations!”

—Ron Alexander, PhD, author of Wise Mind, Open Mind

Nancy Peske

“Her talent and comprehensive eye helped us pull the various elements of the book together at the end to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.”

—Julie Morgenstern, author of Time Management from the Inside Out

Nancy Peske

“Believe, achieve, receive. Nancy’s amazing skills will help you sift through the publishing universe with ease. Always current, Nancy knows what publishers want and need. The pulse, the vessel, the heart. With her help, I sold my first manuscript to a major publisher, after only 5 submissions. Go with Nancy.”

—Omar Rosales, author of The Elemental Shaman

Nancy Peske

“Nancy Peske’s support preparing my book proposal for submission was invaluable. I know that her skills and experience as an editor and writer gave me the edge that helped to get an agent and a publisher.”

—Elena Mannes, author of The Power of Music

Nancy Peske

“It is easy to give you a strong recommendation based on our work together. You made the writing of my book a much more pleasant task. Although we have never met, our almost daily exchanges via telephone and email kept me very much on track. Your probing questions, and language suggestions continually pushed me deeper into the issues that are a significant part of How High Is Up?”

—Richard Gunther, philanthropist and author of How High Is Up?

Nancy Peske

“Nancy Peske’s insights and editorial guidance were very useful in helping me to get the book ready for publishing and in navigating the world of book publishing.”

—Carl Greer, PhD, PsyD, author of Change Your Story, Change Your Life and Change the Story of Your Health

Nancy Peske

“Our special thanks to Nancy Peske, our stellar editor, for tough and true questions that forced us to deeper answers; for superb creative input when better writing was needed; for editorial assistance that felt like genius to us; and for brilliantly and artfully shaping the manuscript into this book.”

—Robert and Jane Alter, authors of How Long Till My Soul Gets It Right? previously titled The Transformative Power of Crisis

Nancy Peske

“Nancy Peske is an expert editor and writer who worked with me on my Hay House book, The Right Weigh. Working together with Nancy was a fantastic experience! She is so easy to work with and incredibly creative. I appreciated that she was diligent, reasonable in her costs, and met all our deadlines. She actually performed above and beyond what I expected. I would recommend Nancy to anybody who needs an editor, or just wants help getting their book done at a professional level.”

—Rena Greenberg, author of The Right Weigh

Nancy Peske

“A gifted editor . . . Her skillful reorganization and tireless attention to the lyrical flow of the material deeply enriched the spirit of my book.”

—Doris E. Cohen, PhD, author of Repetition

Nancy Peske

“I am an experienced author who has sold 1.1 million copies worldwide. Nevertheless, I got stuck on book number four and was paralyzed for five years. In one conversation, Nancy gave me a piece of advice that simplified a complex problem and actually got me excited about the book once again. Thank you, Nancy!”

—Randi Kreger, Author of Stop Walking on Eggshells