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“Always current, Nancy knows what publishers want and need. With her help, I sold my first manuscript to a major publisher after only 5 submissions. Go with Nancy.”—Omar Rosales, author of The Elemental Shaman


“Nancy is the author’s guru!”—Dr. Linda Tucker, author of At a Crossroads, host of the award-winning podcast “Challenge Your Thinking”


As your Wordmason, I will set the foundation for your book’s success.  Why not hire a bestselling ghostwriter and developmental editor who is also a book publishing consultant and coach to make your book the best it can be?

I’ve been on both sides of a book proposal, as the author trying to get a book idea (which I have done successfully) and the acquiring editor offering book deals. I’ve worked at more than one major book publishing house in New York City. That’s how I learned about the elements that make or break a book proposal.

I’ve written many book proposals for myself and others that have led to six-figure book deals. I’ve rebranded clients because I know about branding yourself with a book.

I have ghostwritten New York Times bestsellers and done developmental editing on several books that were on bestseller lists or backlisted beautifully (that means they sold well for years after publication).

I stay apprised of what’s happening in the book publishing business, as well as in social media and traditional media. That’s why I know how to create a strong book proposal that will convince a publisher your book project will be profitable.

I understand how brand, author platform, and books all work together to help an author shape a book and sell it in a big way.

When I evaluate or help you create your book proposal, I will consider whether it’s the right time for you to approach an agent with your proposal (that is, if you don’t already have an agent). If, and only if, I feel your book proposal is ready or nearly ready to be submitted, I will recommend specific agents I feel might be a good match for you. I’ll help you write up a powerful query letter and pitch, and assist you in your submissions strategy. However, please know that I only make personal recommendations to agents I’ve known for years when I truly feel the match between agent and author would be an excellent one for both parties.

“Nancy Peske’s support preparing my book proposal for submission was invaluable. I know that her skills and experience as an editor and writer gave me the edge that helped to get an agent and a publisher.”—Elena Mannes, author of The Power of Music: New Discoveries in the Science of Song


In the early stages of conceptualizing your book? Writing mind/body/spirit nonfiction such as self-help or an inspirational memoir? Have an idea for a business book that will serve as a credibility card for your brand? I can help! Give me details using my contact form.


editorThumb DEVELOPMENTAL EDITOR I can work with your full or partial manuscript or help you shape your idea into a book. I can help you find a structure that makes your book a solid work that will serve as a legacy memoir or a credibility card for your business. For me to do developmental editing on your book, you must have a partial manuscript or transcripts.
writerThumb WRITER I’ve cowritten and ghostwritten many books, including the award-winning Raising a Sensory Smart Child, and the Cinematherapy series which has sold over 340,000 copies worldwide and been dubbed a “cultural phenomenon” by USA Today. I cowrote two television specials based on Cinematherapy, which aired on the Women’s Entertainment network, and had an Academy Award-winning actress sign a letter of intent to start in a screenplay I wrote based off a client’s memoir. I’m a member of the ASJA: American Society of Journalists and Authors.
ghostwriterThumb GHOSTWRITER I’ve ghostwritten several New York Times bestsellers. My clients work with me over the phone and Internet to create their works of nonfiction, including memoir. Having your book ghostwritten involves a big financial commitment on your part. If you’re not sure you can make that commitment, check out my developmental editing services.
publishingThumb PUBLISHING CONSULTANT Because of my 20+ years of experience in the business wearing so many different hats, including as an in-house acquisitions editor and an a coauthor of bestselling books, I can help you figure out what your book publishing and marketing strategy should be.

Helpful Articles for Preparing Your Book Proposal

Whether you want to try to get a book deal for your nonfiction book or you are considering self-publishing, whether you have written the entire book or just a chapter, whether you plan to sell your book or use it as a giveaway, you should create a book proposal to have a clear vision of your plan for writing and marketing your book. Editors and agents expect to see full book proposals for authors seeking publication.


I can help you with your proposal, but I strongly encourage you to read these articles to get a sense of what a book proposal involves and how I can help you with my professional services.


How to Create a Comparative Books List That Will Get You a Book Deal! The comparative books list is a crucial element in a successful book proposal, and it’s the piece would-be authors are most likely to be confused about. I can help you create a highly effective comparative books list.

What Type of Freelance Editor Do You Need? There are two types of freelance editors: developmental editors and line editors. Each has different credentials and skills. Learn about each type of editor so you can choose one who is right for you at this time in your book’s development. Developmental editing should come before line editing.

The Elements of a Book Proposal A book proposal is your selling tool for finding a literary agent and getting a book deal. It has a marketing piece and an editorial piece, and both are equally important.

7 Common Myths About Hiring a Freelance Editor for Your Book Misconceptions about freelance book editors abound on the Internet. Learn the truth about how to hire the right editor for your book.