Cinematherapy Can Soothe the Soul in Troubled Times

Cinematherapy is self-care; Cinematherapy can soothe the soul in troubled times.

Cinematherapy is self-care: It’s choosing watching movies that match your mood soothe the soul in troubled times, make you laugh or make you cry, and cure a Bad Hair Day, too. My new article in Spirituality & Health magazine offers some suggestions for Cinematherapy movies and streaming series, and you’ll find more recommendations at MyCinematherapy.…

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Cinematherapy book illustrating idea that you want to be publishing your book at the perfect time - Cinematherapy books were always published to coincide with the Academy Awards

the perfect time means paying attention to what people are thinking about at a given time of year. Every February in New York City, the crocuses bloom—and for years, you could also count on a new Cinematherapy book being published. My coauthor and I deliberately chose Februar

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