Vision Plan for Creating Your Book

(For the Author Who Has No Book Proposal or Following/Author Platform Yet)

If you have nothing or very little written and no online presence, and no book proposal, your best bet is to hire me as a book publishing consultant to do a VISION PLAN for creating your book. Fill out my contact form to send me more information about your concept for the book, how far along you are in the writing, and whether you’re willing to start building a following/author platform that can help you sell the book once it’s written and published. You can also simply contact me at I’ll send you a checklist to fill out that we can discuss over the phone or Skype as I make notes on our conversations (you’re free to record the call, too). I’ll help you put your book plan together and move into the writing stage with confidence. You will also receive a copy of my notes from our one-hour-long conversation as well as a book proposal template that has strategies and tips embedded in it. (You’ll need a book proposal to get a book deal, and it’s a valuable planning tool even if you decide to self-publish.)

Vision Plan PLUS Materials Evaluation for the Author Who Has Started Writing the Book and Has a Following/Author Platform and Book Proposal

If you have begun writing a book and can send me an outline for the book, a chapter, and short explanations of what’s in each chapter (2-3 sentences), and you have some online or social media presence for your writing and work you can tell me about, this is the package for you. I will review and make notes on the material (send it to me as a Word or Pages document), review your online presence (social media and website), and through email and phone conversations, we will strengthen your book proposal and book creation plan.

Together, we will determine:

* what you need to do to change or flesh out your book proposal and submit it to an agent or in-house editor at a publishing house that doesn’t require representation by an agent

* whether you’re better off seeking a book deal from a publisher or self-publishing. After this consultation, you’ll have a clear idea of what your next step should be, and we can then discuss how I might help you further. (No complete book proposal? Not a problem! I can help with that.)

* what work you need to do to put together an excellent book proposal or plan for self-publishing

* whether your brand, title, and hook are going to work for you and if not, how you might improve them

* how much you want to build your author platform, and how best to do it, before you submit the proposal to an agent or small book publisher

* what your pitch will be and how to write a terrific query letter (I love to help clients with that!)

Please note that if you wish to have me read the materials you’ve generated and check out your online author platform, I’ll create a customized quote and plan for you.

“Always current, Nancy knows what publishers want and need. With her help, I sold my first manuscript to a major publisher after only 5 submissions. Go with Nancy.”—Omar Rosales, author of The Elemental Shaman

“Her editorial assistance was completely invaluable. I cannot overestimate her talents or her help to me.”­—Marianne Williamson, author of the New York Times bestseller The Gift of Change

“I have longed dreamed of the day when writing a book wouldn’t be so difficult. When I discovered Nancy, that dream became a reality. She is a treasure.”—Christiane Northrup, MD, author of the New York Times bestseller Goddesses Never Age

“Nancy is the author’s guru!“—Dr. Linda Tucker, author of At a Crossroads, host of the award-winning podcast “Challenge Your Thinking”