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If you have nothing written and no online presence, you might want to hire me as a ghostwriter or developmental editor. Know that you will need a budget in the tens of thousands of dollars to work with me to create a full-length book. You might want to hire me as book publishing consultant at my rate of $250/hr. to get clearer on your vision so that you can write the book yourself with some coaching. Fill out my contact form (see tab to the right at the top of this page) to send me more information, or simply give me a description of your book and the type of help you need and contact me at or through my contact form. Tell me how much you have written and a little about yourself and how you see yourself selling the book in person and online.

If you would like me to ghostwrite your memoir, self-help, business, parenting, or “life lessons” book starting from scratch (no rough draft) and can commit to spending $1000 per 1000 words, please give me some details at or through my contact form.

If you have a rough draft of your transformative nonfiction book but need help with its completion and with strategizing about how to get it published, please give me some details at or through my contact form.

If you have a self-help or other transformative nonfiction manuscript you would like evaluated or you would like me to do developmental editing on, please tell me the word count or the number of manuscript pages double-spaced in Times New Roman 12-point type and give me a two- to three-paragraph description of your book, your budget, and your plan for the book (giving it away to clients, getting a book publishing deal, self-publishing and marketing it online using your author platform and credibility as a professional with expertise, etc.). Contact me at or through my contact form.