“I have had the wonderful experience of working with Nancy Peske in numerous roles, and in all of them she has been clear, focused, intelligent, responsive, collaborative, and willing to do whatever was needed for the book and author in question. She has “doctored” books for authors I was publishing who needed extra support to deliver the manuscript we hoped for. She has co-authored a book I acquired and published that has become a key title in its category. She has become a trusted colleague. I highly recommend her work…and her approach to it.”
—Janet Goldstein,

“Nancy’s long-time experience in the book business serves her well in her capacity as a ghost writer and book doctor. She has a deep and detailed knowledge of the categories she works in and she knows what an editor/publisher is looking for. At the same time she gives great care to presenting accurately the author’s concerns, views and voice. She makes every project she’s involved with a winner! Highly recommended.”
—Stephen Hanselman, literary agent, founder and owner of Level5Media, LLC

“Nancy Peske is an A-list editor and writer. I’ve known her for at least twenty years, since we started our careers together at HarperCollins Publishers, and I’ve watched her develop into an accomplished author of her own books, as well as into a highly skilled and insightful shepherd for bestselling authors published by major publishing firms. She has two things I believe are essential for her clients’ success with their books: marketing savvy and a breadth of experience. A third element she’s got, which I admire, is heart. I have been referring editorial clients to her for years, who were always satisfied with their results, and this year hired her myself as an editor for a project I was developing. Simply put, she does outstanding work. You can’t go wrong with Nancy.”
—Stephanie Gunning, best-selling author, editor, and publishing consultant,