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Mind/Body/Spirit Wellness

Learn how to flourish in mind, body, and spirit at Dr. Christiane Northrup’s site

Discover how to use shamanic and Jungian techniques to gain insights and energies for healing at

Learn about commitment issues than affect romantic relationships at the site for clinical psychologist Dr. Debbie Magids

Improve your life and help yourself to overcome losses through mindfulness and creativity: Learn more at, the site for psychologist Ronald Alexander, PhD.

Find information about Rena Greenberg’s program for using NLP and visualization techniques for losing weight at is the site for Marianne Williamson, spiritual leader

If you are interested in learning about working with the shamanic medicine wheel and the writings of Alberto Villoldo, PhD, visit

To learn about Colette Baron-Reid’s work, books, and processes for accessing subconscious wisdom, visit

Helping Others sponsors girls’ education and women’s business development in Kenya. This is an extraordinary program that gives women hope for changing their lives and their world. Your money helps girls pay school fees and buy shoes and books.

Other Resources

Julie Morgenstern’s ideas about organizing from the inside out are invaluable for anyone who struggles with managing time, space, and possessions. I highly recommend her books, and especially recommend Organizing From the Inside Out for Teens to anyone with a preteen or teenager with organizational challenges. is the online home of Lori Gertz, the Freakin’ Genius marketer who helps experts with websites, book launches, social media, and marketing.