If you would like to hunker down and devote time to improving your craft, you might want to consider attending a writer’s workshop. Here’s a helpful list of the top 10 writers workshops.


That said, a few hints about getting feedback from other writers:

1. Consider the source. That person may not be familiar with your genre, and may not be the audience for what you are writing.

2. Provide context. It’s VERY difficult for anyone to judge writing without knowing what your intention is: Are you showing them part of a memoir, or a personal essay that should be self-contained? Who is your audience?

3. Keep it positive. If you’re going to work with other writers to help each other, start by having ground rules about doing the reading (no one wants to feel ignored!) and providing positive feedback before providing negative feedback. In fact, you might limit negative feedback in any session. Perhaps the other writer tells you three positive things about your writing and one or two things you can work on. Do the same for the other writer.


Have you been to a writer’s workshop? Was it a positive experience? Do you have any recommendations for other writers considering one?