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Nancy Peske is the coauthor with Beverly West of the successful six-book Cinematherapy series with over 340,000 copies in print in all editions including German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. Carried in over 125 nontraditional book outlets such as catalogues and gift stores, Cinematherapy became a “cultural phenomenon” according to USA Today.

Television rights for Cinematherapy were sold to Women’s Entertainment, which created a prime-time series based on Cinematherapy and launched a major publicity campaign that included billboards, commercials shown in movie theaters in major cities, branded giveaways for clients, and launch parties featuring celebrities such as Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin.

In addition to appearing at private parties hosted by WE to promote Cinematherapy to cable affiliates as well as the public, Nancy and Bev appeared on E!, Bravo, The Today Show Weekend Edition, CNN Business Unusual, CNN Showbiz Today, ABC World News Now, WPIX (the WB), Fox News, and Philadelphia Late Night, and were interviewed on dozens of radio shows throughout the U.S., including NBC radio, WNYC and other NPR affiliates, and syndicated programs, as well on Plus, hello, we collected some awesome branded swag as a result. Cinematherapy and its sequels received print coverage in USA Today, Variety, Entertainment Weekly, Advance for Occupational Therapists (!) and almost every major women’s magazine, from Redbook to Vogue, as well as dozens of newspapers throughout the country, usually in the Lifestyle section, helping readers everywhere find a Cinematherapy Rx. The book Bibliotherapy netted quotes from Marianne Williamson and Gloria Steinem while Cinematherapy for the Soul received an endorsement from actress Nia Vardalos (My Big Fat Greek Wedding).

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